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The Watchdog

She had been stalking him for the past two days. Hiding in side streets and hay carts as she followed him around the streets of Boston, she observed him, his way of walk, the way he treated others as he passed them. At first glance, the Revolutionary commander was easily seen as a good fellow, however he held something secret and Karen needed to relieve him of it and its power. Whatever its power was.

Hiding in a side street as the commander, nicknamed The Watchdog, browsed a local food cart, Karen looked over her personage. She flicked her wrists up, allowing the daggers concealed within her sleeves to slide out and stop, locking in place as the track they were attached to permitted them. Quickly retracting them back to their hidden position, she looked over her waistcoat, patting her sides to remind herself of the iron dirk and pistol also hidden around her belt beneath her coat. She looked to her feet, making sure her squire boots were fastened nicely around her legs before nodding to herself, knowing she was ready for anything. Smiling in a calm and accepting manner, she donned her grey hood, the fabric falling over her forehead, concealing her eyes and shoulder length auburn hair within the shadows.

Looking back to the location of The Watchdog, Karen remarked that he was on the move again and slowly slid away from the wall of the house she was hiding behind. Casually, he walked down the dirt and cobblestone streets of Boston, nodding to the supporters of the revolutionary cause as he walked by. Staying to the shadows of building and the crowds of people along the streets of the city, Karen also noticed many other crowds of citizens tossing rude gestures and mumbling words that were probably unsavory towards the commander as he marched past all. These people were Karen's supporters. Those taxed by the man unfairly, in the pitiful excuse that it would help the war effort to keep the new world free from British control. The man needed to be stopped, for his unfair meddling with civilian taxes, and his frivolous spending of said acquired pounds.

Around this time, The Watchdog always made a stop at the fort within Boston that he commanded. Surely enough, when nearing the end of his watchful promenade around the city, he neared the large stone walled fort. Slowly, the wooden gates along the east wall opened as he approached and closed with a light creak of the wood and metal, working in unison. Karen stood behind a nearby hay cart, observing again, for what seemed the tenth time her targets protective walls.

From behind her, a friendly whistle sounded. Slightly frightened that she had been found out, she turned, drawing a blade on her wrist, showing her teeth in a fierce snarl. The figure that had whistled immediately put his hands up in surrender, showing his light, carefree smile.
"H--hey Karen," the man started, now slowly lowering his hands, "I got your note about the mission."
Retracting her blade into its hiding spot once again, Karen sighed and rested her back against the hay cart, "Rowan… please, do not do that. You scared me."
Rowan's smile faded into a nod of understanding speaking in a low and lighthearted voice, "R-right, sorry Karen." He walked closer to her, sitting down against the hay cart and looking to her with a pensive eyebrow cocked, "But please, let me get this straight," he started again, returning to his calm and slightly serious self, "Is The Watchdog truly a bad man?"

Karen glanced at Rowan with a slight eye of disbelief, taking a short moment to look over him to see what weapons he had with him. His black hair was combed nicely, but still messy, as usual. He wore a light green shirt with a black or deep blue jacket over top, his grey pants underneath it all with the end of his trousers stuffed into his brown shin-high boots, making the pants bulge a little at the connection. He had a pistol on him, or at least, that's all Karen could find on him in such a quick glance, she was certain that he would have the Assassin's signature weapon concealed on his left arm, just as he always did.

Sighing, Karen responded to him, "Yes. He really is a bad man. Corrupt or at least heading in that terrible direction." She paused for a moment, catching her breath.
"But what has he been doing? Your note was quite vague." Rowan interjected, quickly wanting to get that off his chest.
"He's been raising taxes, just to gain money. He's not using them for the war effort. And…" She trailed off, looking over the top of the hay cart they were hiding behind, the only thing keeping them out of view of the fort and its guards that circled the walls on the upper floor of the fort, ducking back down after getting her glance in.
"And..?" Rowan asked eagerly.
"He's… got a talisman of some sort. I'm not sure what it does, but it's not something he should have. … I think it's giving him powers."
Rowan smirked, letting a small chuckle escape his mouth, "Powers you say..? Well," He sighed, the look on his face like that of a doubting child being told a story about a mystical beast. "That's… different."
"I-it's true!" Karen said in a hushed yet urgent tone, "It's not a talisman made by humans, I'm certain of it. I… I think it was made by… them."

The mention of just that simple word caused Rowan to nod in agreement, understanding right away what she meant by using it. The mention of just that word, when speaking of something out of this world explained it all. An ancient artifact not made by any human tribe or peoples, but of those who came before. Mystical items with extraordinary powers, ones that humans never deserved to discover, let alone control.

Rowan took a moment to look over at the fort, "Well, if that’s the case… we need to get rid of him, quick."
Suddenly, Rowan is at his feet, dashing for the fort, going for the south wall, where the basement entrance is located which Karen knows that for a fact from having searched and mapped the place out in her mind the days before. She never expected him to jump boldly into action though, at least not this time. Sadly, Rowan had a talent for running into things as dangerous as this headstrong, feeling ready for anything. With a sigh of exasperation, Karen got to her feet and chased after Rowan, making a mental note to get back at him later for being so brash.

Many bodies marked the path that Rowan and Karen took to enter the main area of the fort. Bodies lying delicately in sitting positions on benches in the break room, others on the ground with swelling purple marks around their necks from the powerful chokeholds they did not endure. Nodding to her companion, Karen waited for him to take the lead up the stairs to the main level of the fort. Walking with slight caution, he scaled the stairs, Karen right on his heels, and snuck into a corner once getting to the top of the stairs, hiding plainly from the guard on watch to their left down the short hallway leading out into the daylight of the open main area of the fort.

Rowan crouched and snuck up to the redcoat, drawing the blade on his arm out as he dragged it across the man's neck, opening a chasm in his throat. Gurgling and with restrained convulsions, he was pulled into the shadows of the hallway, places in a sitting position on the ground. Karen smiled lightly, noticing that the man looked like he was just sleeping, a perfect disguise to buy them a little time if her were ever discovered by his comrades.
Whispering, Karen looked ahead, peering out of the hallway, in hopes of finding their target, "That's good… We should be able to see him around here…"
Rowan kept his distance from Karen, being his kind and odd self, not once thinking of coming up behind Karen to get a look at the scene as well, "Alright," he started, returning in a quiet voice as Karen did, "Can you see him from where we are?"

Silently, Karen was gone, crouching low to the ground as she took small, silent strides towards tall grass within the compound. Rowan was left without an answer. Karen kneeled in the tall, green weeds, searching the grounds and walls for The Watchdog, knowing that he usually is walking about for at least another good two hours. Rowan stalked over to the grass as well, mimicking Karen's moves to keep silent. Unknowing about the infiltrators, groups of two were circling the grounds, guns held in their one hand, resting on their shoulders.
"We need to find him…" Karen groaned, "Where…is he?
Rowan cleared his throat, pointing lightly towards the gunpowder storehouse where the man in question was talking to some troops, "… Isn't that him?"
Karen blushed, unsure why or how she missed him in plain sight, "Y--yes, that's him."

As the troops made their rounds of the fort, Karen and Rowan snuck towards a bale of hay, creeping into it with little sound gaining ground on The Watchdog. The fort was still in disillusion of being safe, no one being in their midst.

Cramped. That was the only way Karen could describe the hiding spot inside the hay bale. Rowan's legs were pressed against her own, the two of them peering out towards the man, the awful man with a love of raising taxes.
"You go first," Karen sighed, "Climb the roof of the barracks… w--wait for my signal and shoot the man when the time is right." She looked away from Rowan after speaking, feeling a little reversed, since she was the one giving instructions.
"Alright," Rowan answered calmly, "I'll get to it."
And with that, Rowan hopped out at the next available time, dashing towards the barracks building and climbing up the brick and mortar house. Karen contemplated why he was so calm for a moment, trying to shake away reasons. She needed to stay focused; she needed to kill The Watchdog.

It was time to strike. The Watchdog was on his way back towards the barracks, and Karen calmed her breathing, waiting like a tiger in the jungle overgrowth, for her prey to approach. As soon as he was less than three feet away from the hay bale, she sprung out from hiding, aiming a hidden dagger at his throat.

Surprisingly, he dodged the attack. Karen wash shocked. It would make no sense for him to be able to dodge! It was unthinkable, had she miscalculated the distance? Many questions swirled through her mind as she was tossed back from the man, stumbling to catch herself and not fall. She turned to the man, standing in a defensive pose, ready to strike if he dared take another step closer. The man just smirked to her as most of the troops within the fort drew near, forming a circle around the infiltrator.
"You think you can kill me…?" The Watchdog chuckled, "Ha! I'm no match for you, Assassin. "
The word struck deep within Karen's mind. If The Watchdog knew what she was, then… that would mean he was a definite enemy. A Templar. She cocked her head left and right, observing her competition of redcoats, most looking ready to kill her, others giving her weird looks as if they were undressing her with their minds.
"Y--you can't get away with such unjust deeds, Watchdog." Karen said, her voice quivering slightly from the on looking, perverted eyes.
"Oh, but I can. And I will. You won't get to me… not with all these men fighting you." The Watchdog smirked more, his look that of pure evil. He called upon the troops to attack, and they obeyed.

Many at once pointed their muskets at Karen, their bayonets aimed to pierce through her fair skin. Angered, Karen drew her daggers on her arms, pivoting them on their track to hold them at their hilts, eyes of fury gleaming back at her enemies. With a spin on her heel, she turned to the redcoat behind her, stabbing him in the gut, then lifting her leg up to sideswipe him in his jaw. The man fell to the ground with a thud, others replacing him as Karen continued to spin, stab, twirl and dodge the attackers.
A bloodbath. The battle should have been unfair, but Karen kept her ground, only stumbling a few times as more redcoats attacked her, some switching to close combat weapons, while others stayed back, reloading their muskets to fire at her. As a firing squad fired at her, she pulled a man in front of her body with her dagger, spinning him into a chokehold, his body vibrating from the impact of four bullets.  Tossing the body aside, she looked to the roof, seeing Rowan waiting patiently for his time to strike. Karen looked back to her attackers, sliding her dagger along one man's neck as she stepped on another's boot with extreme force, making him double over, allowing her to stab a dagger through the man's shoulder, killing him instantly.
Bodies lay everywhere, strewn about on the ground like a cannon fire had killed all the men in a grotesque manner. Pools of blood formed at Karen's feet as she did her dance of death, blocking and striking men with elegant grace. Her hood kept her face mostly covered as she moved about the grounds, showing only her pink lips, bearing a small smile as she cut the life out of the men who dared try to attack her.
The Watchdog, having been looking on from a distance joined the battle, slashing his captain's sword in a downward arc towards Karen's back. Just in time, Karen had time to spin, bringing both of her daggers up in an X formation to block the sword. Her limbs shook as she fought back against the man's strength, a glare of anger on her face, while on his a smirk of dominance.
"You're tired, Assassin, why don't you just give in now." The Watchdog taunted, pulling his sword away.
"N--never!" Karen yelled back, desperately heaving air into her lungs, "You don't deserve life, you foul beast!"
The Watchdog broke out into a loud cackle, bringing a hand to his face, "Oh is that so? But your thoughts say otherwise! You don't think you can beat me..! You're too tired to go on."
Karen's eyes widened. His words were a repetition of exactly what she was thinking not too long ago. Forcing in deep breaths, Karen frowned to him, staying silent. How did he know what she was thinking? How could he read her mind? The thoughts swirled in her head, the confusion setting in. She tried not to think about it, dashing at him with a roar, aiming to kill him.
She missed. He easily stepped to the side, kicking her in the back as she sailed past him. Falling to the ground, she turned to him, unable to get up, struck with fear. Slowly, his boots stomping in the damp dirt of the compound, he approached, sheathing his sword with a wicked smirk on his face. Could this be the end? Was she really going to die here?
"You can't beat me. No matter how much you question it... I will win. I can read your thoughts."
Karen's chest rose and fell with her deep breathing; she would not accept this as her end. She would never die at the hands of such a man. "I… I can still fight you. You swine." She spat forward at him, throwing as much hate into the gesture as possible. The notion made The Watchdog frown, and he drew his flintlock pistol.
Looking up to him with eyes of disgust, she waited for him to aim the gun at her. Unable to move away in time, she had no choice but to accept her fate. This was the end. She would die at the hands of a Templar that outlasted her in battle.
Aiming his gun at her head, he cocked the hammer, ready to end her life. She started off into his eyes, accepting her fate, but not removing the hateful glare on her face. No, the disgust would stay there. She would never beg for her life, nor would she grovel or break down into tears.
The gunshot sounded, like an echo in a dank cave, the noise staying in the air for a moment. The Watchdog looked down at his chest; a darkening hole was visible, cutting through his coat. Oozing from his chest, blood emerged, his body going limp, falling backwards onto the ground.
Karen looked around, seeing Rowan jogging over to her, a fearful look on his face as he kneeled beside her, offering a hand. She hesitated before taking his hand, unsure if this were a dream, or still her reality. The sight of Rowan made her smile, feeling warm inside, happy to see a familiar face.
"Come on," Rowan said in a calm, shaky voice, "it’s over. We need to get out of here."
Karen looked towards him for a while, just taking in the scene of him, his concerned smile and his warm hand against hers, contrasted against the multitude of dead bodies lying around on the fort grounds. She pulled on his hand to help herself stand, her legs groaning at the forced effort to stay up. She sighed, looking to The Watchdog, keeping herself from shaking. She wasn't going to break down. She was not going to cry, especially with Rowan around.

Slowly, Karen walked over The Watchdogs lifeless body, kneeling beside it and taking the talisman off his personage, sinking it into a pocket on the inside of her waistcoat. They had beaten the man; taxes would no longer have extra pounds added to them. At least not unjust extra pounds.

"T-that's all we need…" Karen said in a dead tone, "We… need to get out of here."
Rowan looked to her with slight concern, "Yeah, you're right. I'm sure the Jagers will be running towards us soon. We better bolt."

Karen turned on her heels, mustering up as much strength as she could as she began walking away; she needed to return to her natural self. This was not like her. What was keeping her so dizzy?
Rowan walked up beside her, showing his usual, confident sliver of a smile, "… You'll have to run if you want to escape, Karen." He chuckled, trying to lighten the mood, "Do you think you can do that?"
Looking to him, she nodded, his words seeping into her like a soothing dip in a lake. The words calmed her, and made her feel strong again. With a smile, she nodded back to Rowan, feeling the strength return to her whole body, "Y--yes. Of course." With that she took larger, more confident strides, speeding up into a run as she left the fort, Rowan tailing right behind her.
As promised, here is the short story that I finished today within my free time.

A little bit of context... this started with a measly little prompt, a really stupid one, and then just... erupted into something amazing in my opinion. I enjoyed writing it, and tried my best to make the scenes come to life. Granted, there are problems with it, but I'm no master writer.

... also, for you fans of my descriptions of battles, there's a nice little one in there too. To quench your bloodlusts. :iconheythereprettyplz:

The story actually started as the end, too. ^^; This idea... started as a beginning to a Role Play with *sooner7 where Karen and Rowan were running out of Boston, towards the frontier, with 20 or more Jagers on their tails. ... I felt that filling in that gap would be an amazing story. Also leaving a small space of time untouched... for the mind of the readers now to go wild.

Karen is a rather complex character to me, being a runaway woman, defying society and natural ways of life, becoming an Assassin, let alone doing a mans field of work, bringing her own elegance and touch to what she does for the freedom of others. I love her, even though she isn't loved that much by others. ^^

So, please enjoy the story, and just... please, comment about it, tell me what you liked, you hated, and what you want to know or even see more of. I'm open to suggestions. ^^ Also Sooner, did I write about Rowan in a good manner or not?

I would LOVE to see at least 10 different people comment on this, ... that is my wish.

Catriona "Karen" Lamont and The Watchdog/Short story © ~SoloZerker (me)
Rowan Demast (Damast?) © *sooner7
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sooner7 Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013
Now, to gather my thoughts. First off. WHY? WHY?! Why did it have to end??? Seriously this was outstanding and I just want more of your writing. :la:

Another note is that I'm so happy Rowan has been planted into a story, that makes him feel more real to me and it allows me to see how you've seen him portrayed. I also like that you had him allow Karen to fight her battle and only interfered when she absolutely needed it. I do believe you've done very well at describing him and I love how when you write you use so much detail, you explain why your character likes something about someone and why they don't like something. The fact that he calms her, but yet confuses her is great in my opinion. ^^ It leaves much more room for their relationship to be built to a stronger friendship.
I also liked that Karen was able to fight so well, her rank in unknown to me, but her abilities suggest that she's been very well trained and has taken that training seriously. It shows that she wants to fight for peoples freedom and desires for them to not feel helpless in the situations they're stuck in. .w.

The pace of this story was nice and consistent, it built steadily but quickly to the climax and then slowly calmed as though the reader is the character and experiencing the pace of the adrenaline coursing through them. The climb of the adrenaline as the action begins and then the slowing as things begin to settle back down and calm because she now has her friend by her side again. .w.

:D Overall Mr. Solo, this is absolutely brilliant and I greatly look forward to reading more.
These two are fun to rp, so hopefully we'll be able to rp them more often. :D
SoloZerker Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, to answer that first... It had to end because I didn't want to skim into what we were Rping in real time. ^^; For me... it'd Ruin things, since I'd just go overboard like I did here.... writing way too much. XD This was a small little free writing prompt and I went wild on it. XD
I'm glad you think of it as outstanding. .w. I also want more of your own writing too though. Maybe some missions, you know?

You're happy about him being in a story, and I'm happy to oblige. :) He does seem a little more real, and I'm happy to hear that I portrayed him decently, with no doubt some character flaws that he may or may not have. ^^; I knew for a fact that Rowan wouldn't jump in to just fight with Karen, seeing as he respects her space, so him being the lucky savior was all I could do with him. XD
I'm happy you liked the detail, but how was the imagery? ... Still lacking, wasn't it. :?
Rowan does calm Karen, in a "you are my safety" kind of way. ^^ Without him around, she'd be paying big time for her stupid mistakes. I'm greatly interested in seeing where their friendship leads. .w. It's a mystery in itself to both of us, it seems.
Karen is very skilled with her hidden daggers, she really got the idea stuck in her mind of them being an extension of her, so she loves using a weapon so close to her, one that she can use to overwhelm the opponents. She's novice rank though, by the way. She was just... trained very very vigorously.
She does indeed fight for her own freedom, and through extension of that, the freedom of others.

I'm glad you saw the pace and rise and fall of it all to be consistent, I'm sure it helped keep you interested, which is great. :D The analogy of it being like the adrenaline coursing through Karen is a great one. ^^ Good job on making that connection.
XD Rowan may not be good at much... but he sure is a good catalyst for calming down.

Thank you for your large comment and compliments. ^^
I look forward to Rping these two together more with you as well. They're really fun. 
sooner7 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2013

Will you write the rp once we're finished with it? .w. That could be cool hearing Karen's point of view.

I will definitely try to get some writing done...I'll try. ^^;

:la: It makes me so excited that he was in a story. And especially because you were able to write him so well and fit him into your story with Karen. ^^; Lucky savior sounds like him. XD And I think the imagery was good. You described things clearly. .w. It was very good.

:D Well I'm glad that he's a "protector" to her. Their relationship will hopefully turn into something cool. Thought the rp had a few unexpected turns there. .3.

It definitely did help keep me interested. ^^ So you did very well. :D

You're welcome, I'm sorry this one isn't as long and that it took me so long to reply.

SoloZerker Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Sadly, no, I'm not going to write the other part of what happened. It's fine as it is, I think. Sorry to disappoint. 
It'll be nice to see writing from you thought. ^^

Thank you. I've been trying to work on details. ^^;

I am certain that Karen and Rowan will have a wonderful friendship. 

sooner7 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2013
No worries. ^^ We know how it concluded so that's what counts. :D
I really hope to get some writing up...I've started the mission so that's a good start, and then hopefully I'll get more things written.

You've always been brilliant at details. :D

I agree completely. ^^ They're both good at keep boundaries...when it comes to choice, Rowan falling onto Karen doesn't count. XD
SoloZerker Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Exactly. ^^ And this way, since no one else knows exactly what happened, it can just be called them strengthening their friendship, not much past that. .3. For continuity purposes. 

Can't wait to see all those writings. .w.

Thanks. ^^; But I'm mediocre with details at best. .3.

Care to explain "when it comes to choice, Rowan falling onto Karen doesn't count." to me a little more? I don't fully understand it. ^^;
sooner7 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2013
.w. Yep that will be perfect.

XD I can't guarantee it will be a lot, but it'll definitely be some.

Ppffft lies, you're not mediocre when it comes to details, you're extraordinary. :D

Sorry, that sentence wasn't written well. ^^;
I mean that they're good with keeping boundaries with each other, but accidents such as Rowan falling onto Karen, like when they were taking that fort and he hurt his head badly, doesn't count as a choice. ^^;
SoloZerker Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

.3. Either way, its a story for me to read. ^^ It'll be nice.


Alright then... thank you.


.3. ... The mention of choice confuses me... But the rest makes sense.

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DutchDefqon Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That was such a amazing read! I just woke up and saw this in my inbox, and it made my day! It would do me good to wake up more often to awesome drawings/writings XDD.
Even tough it was a tad long, it was worth the length in all aspects, well done :clap: 
SoloZerker Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
^^ Well then, I'm happy to have made your day, starting it off with something special, I suppose. 
^^; I think it'd do everyone some good to wake up to something that interests them. .w.
I do agree that it was a bit long, =3= I wanted to break it up into maybe... 3 chapters, but I guess this is fine. 
Thank you for your compliments. 
TheStrayLiger Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Oh my god I broke my jaw against the floor because it dropped so hard. That was an amazing read!!! It sure was long but it was so good I read it whole in a few minutes because I couldn't take my eyes off it. You kept the action going through the whole thing :la:!! I love how it started as a prompt and then you added the RP to give it a body, so it has a full, well constructed body and a conclusion. :iconepiclaplz:!!!

It also has that classical Assassin's Creed idea of a member of the Brotherhood going after a bad guy, finding out he's a templar, having a beyond epic battle against enemies and beating him in the end :iconblushplz: what made me happier is seeing how brave she is, fighting for justice despite not being so sure of herself and not giving up. Her relationship with Rowan is sweet too :heart:

Amazing as always. Or rather, more amazing than ever :iconlainloveplz:!! *goes to read it again*
SoloZerker Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
.0. No! Not your jaw! You need that to spit coffee everywhere! ;A; 
I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed the story. :D It was long... but I really had the vibe going for it. :la: I could have easily broken it up... I'm sure. But.... most people wanted a single post. ^^; So they got what they wanted. 

I must correct you though, this started as a prompt, and then it ends as the Rp with Sooner. I made this whole story up as a prologue to the Rp with her. ^^; Sorry to confuse you before. This is all just... me writing. .w. 
I never really saw that as something "Classical" in AC. .3. How is it so? 
Glad you liked the battle, you seem to enjoy those the most. ^^
And I agree, I love how brave Karen is, even though she's just a novice with seemingly really good luck in fights. XD That and... her Master and Mentor was really tough. 
.w. Her relationship with Rowan...? I don't think it's much more than a friendship. ^^; At least for now. 

Glad you loved it. :D It means a lot.
Now about that prize.... XD
TheStrayLiger Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013  Student Digital Artist
If I had had something in my mouth I would've spit it from that comment, that was so fun. xD

I sure enjoyed it and I can tell you were really into it .w. It's better in one post, that way you didn't break up the action and kept it going for a longer time :heart:

Oops- XD in any case it is a good way to compose a piece of writing. It is the composition of most AC trailers. Don't say you haven't seen it. XD Except there is no nodding and people dying because she looked cool.

I love battles, you know they're one of my weak spots =v= Karen sure is a strong woman with a lot of luck and a lot of spirit.

I siad I'd think about the prize. I am still thinking.
SoloZerker Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
.3. Achievement unlocked... XD Be Ligers comedic relief. XD 

I was extremely into it. .w. I really wanted to do a fun and actiony story of Karen. She needs some attention. .w. 

Yeah... I don't really see that as something classic. .-. I've seen the AC trailers. But they never "find out" that they're templars after getting to them. ... They surely already know they're templars. which is why they're after them. .-. AC doesn't go very deep on enemies. =A= 

.w. Yeah, I know. And they're really fun to write. :D

Think away. .w.  
JqotD Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013  Student General Artist
This was good! I liked reading about Karen and her leadership, it's obvious she's still unused to it, but it didn't help with the Evil guy implanting thoughts in her head with the power of suggestiveness! :iconwooooplz:

But yeah! Although I find in most stories that if you don't paint some of the scenes vividly, I skim. I kinda skimmed through the part where they first broke into the fort but had my attention recaptured as she failed her ambush. Thats just my opinion, but I found myself surprised with how much I liked the battle scene, great job on that part
SoloZerker Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Heh... reading about her and her leadership... or lack thereof. ^^; She's quite uncomfortable, being the one in command, but she does... like it. 
I never touched on the man planting ideas inside her mind... It was more him reading her thoughts. .3. 

It saddens me to hear you admit that you skimmed, but... I guess so long as you got the main ideas, that's... able to be overlooked. 
Glad you liked the battle scene. ... Apparently it's the one thing I can do right. :/
JqotD Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2013  Student General Artist
Well she'll get used to it!

huh... Well, in the actual scene of battle, it seemed like he was using the power of suggestion. If I was in a battle in a situation like that up against her, it would be obvious that there would be doubt in her mind, so I would expand on that. It's not hard to guess someone's fear, and if he keeps prompting at it it grows worse along with the fear OF mindreading.  And if he WAS mindreading her, he didn't read much. I mean, he read the obvious that anyone could pick up by watching her. 

You do more things right then battles Soloooo. You just gotta keep your head up! :icondeterminedplz:
Oskana Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
And this is the moment when I get my jaw back in place after dropping it with my mouth open due to the amazement caused by the great description of the mission, feel ashame for my lack of vocabulary while writtign my own stories and take my hat off to applaud to a entertaining piece of literature
SoloZerker Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
.0. T--thank you...! Your compliments mean a lot to me. :) 
Please don't feel ashamed about your writing though. ^^; English is my first language, so I may look better in your eyes, but... truly I still have much to learn. =3= Your writing is always captivating though, so don't feel down, M'kay? 
I am glad you enjoyed the story though. .w. It was fun to write. 
Oskana Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
My fav part is the relation between Rowan and Karen, she isn't afraid and he can be reckless, I think the interaction feels even... natural, so to speak
SoloZerker Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
^^ Their true relationship is still, undetermined. .w. I love that about it. They're friends for sure. But... .3. ... Who knows... Maybe something could happen with them. 

If anything started though... Rowan would have to instigate it. XD

I'm glad you see their relationship as natural. I do too. It's a great little bond they have. 
Oskana Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I love the way he seems to be so sure about his abilities that he pays lil' to no regard to what might happen to him or the others
SoloZerker Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah. ... One of the things that annoys Karen, to be honest. XD His headstrong attitude. He always bolts into action without a plan, it seems. 
Oskana Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
well... she can handle making plan for the two of them XD
SoloZerker Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
.3. We'll see what happens. If Rowan actually gains that sort of interest in her, she won't make it easy. 
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